Liquid Crystal Consultations

slider-1The Liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.

The Liquid Crystals are created via an ancient remembered process that embraces Crystalline Integrity, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. The Liquid Crystals have returned to facilitate our planet back to Oneness by Reuniting the Crystalline grids, Above, Below and within Humanity.

What are Liquid Crystals?

The Liquid Crystals are powerful vibrational remedies created by Justin Moikeha Asar.

The Liquid Crystals are not orthodox medical drugs or medicine. They are a holistic healing method that works on the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional to create balance and thus health. They are a powerful tool of change on all levels of being, aiding in ones healing processes. They are brought into existence by capturing the energetic healing qualities from around a crystal and then replicating the internal geometry within the stone to continue to give it life as a liquid, which can be safely taken into the body.

They are Organic, Natural and Holistic. As a vibrational therapy, TLC will not interfere in the action of any other medication or treatment and is perfect for the whole family.

Some of the best results we have seen from the Crystals have been in children who respond very rapidly, there are no side effects. TLC can even be safely given to Animals and Plants with great confidence.

Thank you soooo much Judy for sharing your gifts with me… I feel lighter, more balanced and clear already. I’m pretty excited to begin integrating my first course liquid crystal essences into my healing journey! I’ll keep you posted!!!!
~  Karron – Noosa

How do Liquid Crystals work?

A Human being is made up of Minerals and the Energetic Geometric Structures they contain, so simply integrates the Liquid Crystal’s Geometric structure. This exchange affects the energy and physical bodies, creating an outward expression of Healing.

Are the Liquid Crystals safe for everyone?

In short, yes. They are completely natural and no different to sitting holding a crystal in your hand or having one placed on you. The only differences are good ones, which allow the effects of the stones to be more direct, profound and within you. The existence of any physical substance in the Liquid Crystals is infinitesimal, much like a Homeopathic medicine removing allergic and other physical reactions.

This is a little testimonial on my experience in liquid crystals… for a long time now I have had terrible chronic pain in my lower back which a fusion hasn’t been able to fix unfortunately and now due to hereditary and age I have bad arthritis! The last couple of months Judy has been prescribing to me some liquid crystals which have been a new and alternative assist for my pain relief and even though it is quite severe they have definitely had an effect for the better and have also given me a sense of ‘calm’ when I’ve had some stressful and anxious moments… I have been pleasantly surprised with my crystals and will be re-ordering.
~ Sandy McDonald – Sydney

How do I take the Liquid Crystals?

The Liquid Crystals can be taken two ways:-

– The standard dose 7 drops first thing in the morning and 7 drops last thing at night until the bottle is finished.
– The Acute or Short Duration Dose which is 3 drops as needed.

Both the above dosing methods can be combined, an example would be taking Amethyst to increase clairvoyance, 7 drops morning and night, then before meditation each day, taking 3 drops to get immediate results, the three drop dose is the stronger one but has a shorter duration of action.

The 7 and 3 drop doses in the Liquid Crystals serve different purposes as stated above, but the two doses do have a target.

– The three drop dose has a connection with the Three Fold Flame in the hearts of all living beings making it a spiritual Dose that is much more powerful. One drop for the activation and balancing of each Flame, Love, Power and Wisdom.

– The Seven Drop dose anchors each of the seven rays of creation into the self so change can result. A drop for each Ray.

You helped me with your liquid crystals through my recovery from my cancer treatment.
Your intuition with the liquid crystals and remedies is awesome, you knew which one is the best for what I was feeling. (Even the bird felt it).
The sage spray was a god send with making the house free of bad vibes.
Your TLC cards were right on the money. The way they related to people or events in my life was beyond belief.
Your kindness and help was and still is a great help through that time and now.
I would recommend your crystal treatments, cards and remedies to anyone.
Pete – Sunshine Coast

What is a Global Vibrational Therapy?

In the creation of TLC, minerals of each type are sourced from every deposit world wide and then united, often thousands of pieces are combined into One holistic form. TLC is the worlds first Global Vibrational Therapy and truly wholistic modality.

Hi Judy
I wanted to let you know that I’m very grateful to you for all your help and support you have given me with the Liquid Crystals.
Your knowledge on the liquid crystals is so expansive, I love hearing you speak about them. You do this with so much love and respect.
The remedies that you make for me whether it’s a trinity, a combination, a city or a single are made with 100% accuracy, exactly what I need at the time.
Judy you make them with lots of love, straight from your heart. I love taking them. They transform me every time.
Thank you for sharing Liquid Crystals with me.
Lot’s of love Deb xoxox

“One Heart, One Voice, One Vision, One Spirit”

To ask a question, or book a consultation, please contact me by phone or email.


I have been suffering back pain for some time due to a herniated L4/5 disk.
I have always had pain present due to this condition with only the intensity varying from bearable to being so bad I was not able to simply put a sock on my own foot without being in a great deal of pain.
I was told by GPs that the condition would not improve but would in fact most likely degenerate further over time.
Being in an extremely active job role it was to find myself in a great deal of pain over a week or more because I had over exerted while conducting physical training or had lifted something incorrectly.
In general conversation I spoke to Judy regards this to which she advised me that she had a remedy that might help. Although a little sceptical, I do completely trust Judy so gave it a go.
The result although not immediate, did without a doubt surprise me.
Over the course of taking the remedy that was given me I noticed that the pain, although it did not go away entirely did however stabilise to a very manageable dull ache at most, a level of relief I have not enjoyed for many years.
I have since not had any further instance of the pain being so bad that I can not do the simplest of task, like putting a sock on my own foot.
Further to this, I have recently had an MRI scan which showed that the disk is now only touching the nerve where as before it was actually pressing against the nerve.
I sincerely believe that the betterment to my quality in life regards this condition is a direct result of the remedy and advice that Judy provided to me.
The results where not immediate as I believe the remedy does not mask the pain as would conventional medicines, but does in fact assist in a healing process to some degree which seems to be evident in the recent MRI scan.
Am I a sceptic any longer you might ask? No, I am not is my answer.
I highly recommend Judy to anyone else who might find themselves in the same situation that I was in.
Thanks Judy, you rock.
Wayne Murphy
2 Platoon
Platoon Sergeant Alpha Company
1st Recruit Training Battalion
Army Recruit Training Centre
Blamey Barracks, Kapooka, NSW 2661