Vibrational Medicine

28129973_mlI am an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Practitioner and I love using vibrational medicine to help people to BLOSSOM into who they truly are.

Therapies offered include:

  • Liquid Crystal Consultations
  • Crystal Healing – Crystal Chakra Balancing; Crystal Healing Body Layouts (including Relaxation, Self Love & Compassion, Abundant Resources, Business/Job Manifesting, Transmuting Negative Energy & Grounding body layouts); and Crystal Chakra Immersions.
  • Brazilian Toe Massage and Relaxing Foot Therapy

In the Crystal Chakra Balancing session I may also use the Liquid Crystal Oracle, colour therapy, sound therapy, essential oils… whatever comes up for you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.