Prosperity & Abundance Crystal Grid

I was inspired to create a crystal grid to assist me in manifesting all sorts of abundance and prosperity into my life. See my post HERE about how this all came about…

CitrineThis grid is centered around the crystal Deva of Citrine – whose simple purpose is Abundance (according to The Liquid Crystal oracle cards by Justin Moikeha Asar).

I drew the symbol of the Deva onto a sheet of paper and used this as the centrepiece for my grid.

This is a potent tool to use with any crystal Deva symbol. By putting pen to paper and drawing it you set up an energetic connection between you and the Deva – very powerful!

Citrine Abundance GridThe crystals and stones around the grid are:

Citrine: (orange & white) Simple Purpose is Abundance: it is a sunny, confidence boosting prosperity stone also known as the Merchants Stone. Assists to boost finances & assist in business transactions;

Green Aventurine: (green stone) Simple Purpose is The Unlimited Self: it is all about vitality! for vitality of finances, confidence, growth & health;

Pyrite: (shiny metallic stone) Simple Purpose is Spark of Life: it has very masculine Sun energy about it. It is a stone of manifestation, confidence, action and has a strong “push” energy. This “push” energy will get things done;

Peridot: (small dark green stones at top of paper) Simple Purpose is The Bringer of Joy: a stone for prosperity and happiness, its high frequency vibrations resonate with the frequency of increase;

Clear Quartz: (points and ball) Simple Purpose is Light Embodied: a stone of self acceptance, purification and clarity, it also acts as an amplifier – it AMPS UP the energy of all the other stones.

I spent some time writing out a “Declaration” of how I want my business and personal life to be and placed this under the drawing of the Deva.

This is a very important step – be very clear on what it is that you want to manifest so the Universe can bring it to you.

“By thought the thing you want is bought to you;
by action you receive it”.

~ Wallace Wattles

Citrine Abundance Grid HeaderOther items I included to enhance the vibration of abundance, starting at the top on the right:

  • a candle to “bring in the Light
  • a Cash Cow that was gifted to me when I belonged to the Wildly Wealthy Women group
  • Power Cards with the words Prosperity and Abundance
  • A gratitude card stating “I appreciate all that I am and all the I have”
  • A butterfly with the words “All things grow with Love”
  • A bell to bring in the Joy of Music

Sage Smudge SprayTo activate the grid, firstly played my Crystal Bowl and Sage Smudge Sprayed the area to clear the energy, then I meditated for a few minutes to quiet my mind. I used an Amazonite wand to do the activation.

I chose Amazonite as it is a stone of truth and discipline, it assists to manifest intentions and create boundaries.

If you want to learn more about creating crystal grids for yourself, this is the book I used to get started: Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based yet Practical Guide. It includes lots of tips and templates to make it super easy…

I’ll leave the grid up for as long as I feel I need to. I’ll tweak it and make changes as I go along, re-activating with the Amazonite wand each time.

Wishing you all loads of abundance & prosperity in every area of you life…


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