Gem Chip Bottle – Sleep Easy


These gorgeous glass bottles are 5cm tall with a real cork stopper.

Each contains a combination of three different crystal gem chips, designed especially to support you.

Sleep Easy is a blend of Fluorite, Howlite and Amethyst.

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Glass bottle with cork stopper, filled with natural tumbled gemstones, each containing a combination of three different crystals:

Place by your bedside, or on your desk at work ~ anywhere you spend a lot of time.
Hold in your hand while meditating or journalling.
Use in a crystal grid to enhance the frequency and vibration of Sleep Easy.

Fluorite – clears confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity. Emotionally stabilizing.

Howlite – instils calm and peace into the mind.  Nurturing and gentle. Allows us to reflect our past, detach and move forward.

Amethyst – Calms an overactive mind. Allows you to enter easily into a meditative state. Grounding & stabilizing. Protects against re-current nightmares.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 2 × 2 cm


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