Gem Chip Bottle – Procrastination Buster


These gorgeous glass bottles are 5cm tall with a real cork stopper.

Each contains a combination of three different crystal gem chips, designed especially to support you.

Procrastination Buster is a blend of Red Aventurine, Tiger Eye and Carnelian.

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Glass bottle with cork stopper, filled with natural tumbled gemstones, each containing a combination of three different crystals:

Place by your bedside, or on your desk at work ~ anywhere you spend a lot of time.
Hold in your hand while meditating or journalling.
Use in a crystal grid to enhance the frequency and vibration of Procrastination Buster.

Red Aventurine – combination of Earth & Fire elements. A stone of vitality, creativity, sexuality, mental alertness and manifestation through action. Assists with discernment to determine the highest course of action and to focus on the task at hand.

Tiger Eye – personal power in action, vitality, practicality, clarity, confidence, self-reliance, courage.

Carnelian – a stone of courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence and action. It stimulates action-taking and the courage to take a leap of faith and dedicate yourself to a new path.

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