Powerful Prosperity Meditation

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
~ James Allen

Do you get the whole Law of Attraction thing?

I thought I did… but I couldn’t seem to get my mojo right and my life has been a series of “one step forward, two steps back” scenarios for a few years now.

It didn’t seem to matter how many negative thoughts I changed to positive;
or how much I meditated;
or balanced my chakras;
set up crystal grids;
grounded myself;
let go of negative, dramatic people…
even with all the successes that I have had (thank you, I am most grateful…) I still felt that I hadn’t gotten over the “hump” to the smooth sailing on the other side.

That was until Friday night when I went to a Prosperity Meditation with Sandy Forster and Raelene Byrne. Sandy is a Law of Attraction Prosperity expert and Raelene is a world renowned Energy Healer. All I can say is WOW!

Although I had heard it all before, until Friday night it didn’t really CLICK to me the power of our thoughts and how to vibrationally align with the prosperity and abundance that is waiting for us all.

And it was then that I realised that I am already over that hump… well and truly over the hump!

I have so much abundance and prosperity in my life right now. And while I thought I was expressing gratitude for the things I already have… I now appreciate so much more about how wonderful my life is RIGHT NOW.

There is still so much I want to achieve, and see, and do, and be, and have in this life… and so much more that I still want to give…

And that is where CITRINE comes in…


Raelene created this huge grid in the centre front of the room. It is the symbol for the Deva of the crystal Citrine – Citrel-m-ra – whose simple purpose is ABUNDANCE (according to The Liquid Crystal oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar).

Justin says, “The energy of Citrine is warming, comforting, creative, motivating and empowering; it holds a vitality and life force that is gifted to all that ask, becoming a support in down times. Through work with Citrine, Confidence and Trust in self soar and we move to embrace the divine creative ability that is our birthright. We take charge of life, without the need for attachments and ride the waves of life’s ups and downs. The mind becomes charged with measured Personal Power and obstacles on all levels fall away. It is from this that it has become known as the stone of Abundance.”

The powerful mediation led by Raelene invoking the Deva of Citrine put me in perfect alignment with the vibration of Abundance, ready to release blocks and to receive the beautiful inspiration, awesome information and techniques to create new opportunities offered by both Sandy and Raelene.

Citrine PointYou Can Do This Too…

and you don’t even need a piece of Citrine crystal…

It’s fantastic if you do have one – go grab it now!

  • Simply do a little meditation to quiet your mind;
  • focus on all the awesome things you have in your life right now (at the most basic level we all have a home to live in, fresh food in the refrigerator, clean water to drink from a tap, a comfy bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, we are rich beyond measure in comparison to over 80% of the world population),
  • feel the gratitude for this abundance,
  • feel the love for how prosperous you already are,
  • focus on one thing that you would like to bring into your life,
  • invoke the Deva of the crystal Citrine,
  • flood that feeling of abundance, prosperity and love with the vibration of Citrine,
  • and then imagine that you already have that thing in your life.
  • Feel how good it feels, feel the joy….

Stay with this feeling for as long as you can…

I was so inspired by Raelene’s grid that I wanted to create one for myself.

I only have one set of The Liquid Crystals oracle cards, and I didn’t want to leave the card in the grid away from the deck. So I draw the symbol for the crystal Deva of Citrine myself and used that in the grid.

This is a potent tool to use with any crystal Deva symbol. By putting pen to paper and drawing it you set up an energetic connection between you and the Deva – very powerful!

In my crystal grid I have used Citrine tumble stones and points, Pyrite, Peridot, Green Aventurine and Clear Quartz.

Citrine Abundance Grid

CLICK HERE for a full run-down on the stones and other items in this grid…

Sending much love and gratitude to Raelene and Sandy for sharing their energy and wisdom at their Prosperity Meditation event…

And wishing you all a tremendously Abundant & Prosperous year in 2015!


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