How’s your Base Chakra?

Root ChakraAre you feeling disorganised, maybe even fearful or anxious? Lacking stamina, poor focus, undisciplined, or disorganised? Have trouble setting boundaries?

Or on the other hand you may be overeating, tending to greed and hoarding? Have unhealthy addictions?

All of these are a sign that you may have an unbalanced Base Chakra

Physically, this may manifest as poor circulation, varicose veins, lower back pain, swollen feet or legs, or dry skin and hair.

The Base or Root Chakra is our survival centre. It deals with our basic instincts and needs, and primal connection with Mother Earth.

Crystals that can assist to balance this Chakra are hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, bloodstone, black tourmaline or black onyx.

Essential Oils are another great way to get that Base Chakra shining brightly again – Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clematis, or Myrrh.

The colour associated with the Base Chakra is red – try wearing red clothing, or drinking out of a red mug, or eating red foods (e.g. strawberries, capsicum, apples, raspberries, rhubarb, chilli, tomato, red onion) or any of the root vegetables (potato, carrot, turnip, swede, parsnip, sweet potato, yams).

One of the easiest things you can do is Earthing – ground yourself to Mother Earth, releasing all negativity and recharging yourself. It can be as simple as standing on the earth with bare feet, breathing the Divine White Light down through your Crown Chakra, all the way through your body to your Base Chakra. Then visualise a cord from your Base Chakra going down through your feet and Earth Star Chakra, right down into the core of Mother Earth. Breathe and feel any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions leaving your body through this cord, flowing out of your body and back into the centre of the earth. Thank Mother Earth for this energetic recycling…

Crystal Chakra Balancing sessions are a great way to get all your Chakras back into balance and get your energy flowing again.

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