Free postage in April 2020

Isolation can be challenging at the best of times – let along when we are in the middle of a global pandemic!

Grounding is so important right now for our emotional, mental and physical health. And to help us with our relationships – some are in close quarters with family or flatmates while others are completely alone.

There are many tools we can use to help us to ground. One of my favourites is Sage Smudge Spray. It works by transmuting any Fear based energies – heavy, negative, anxious, stuck energies… grounding them back to Mother Earth… transmuting them into Love based energies of peace, calm, joy, light…

Sage Smudge Spray can be used inside your home, as well as outside in the back yard or the park.

To help you get through the next few weeks of self-isolation I’m offering FREE SHIPPING within Australia for this whole month of April 2020.

Use the coupon code POSTAUSSIE at the checkout on my website to redeem.

💜 Judy

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