Brazilian Toe Hold Massage – what on earth is it?

Brazilian Toe Hold MassageWell, it is not exactly a massage, not in the way that we in the west think of a massage.

This healing technique originated in Brazil, a country that boasts of millions of spiritual healers, mediums and psychics.

There are six energy meridians that connect to the organs in the body, all of which end in the toes.

By holding these toes in a specific order, the energy meridians can be influenced by creating a circuit of chi energy between the practitioner and the person receiving the treatment.

Brazilian Toe Massage technique corresponds with acupuncture principles, and can bring about changes in the energetic and emotional states by emptying out excessive energy trapped in organs and increasing the flow of energy into depleted organs.

 Brazilian Toe Massage can help to:

  • reduce stress & tension,
  • relieve aches & pains,
  • ease headaches,
  • alleviate insomnia.

How is it done?

Having a Brazilian Toe Massage is a very relaxing experience.  You simply lie on the massage table while the therapist holds your toes in a specific order for six minutes per toe.  This allows for the energy or chi to run twice through the meridians.

This takes you into a deep meditative state that enhances energy flow, calm, healing and peace.

What are the Energy Meridians?

The big toe relates to the liver and spleen; the second toe to the stomach; third toe to the bladder; fourth toe to the gall bladder; and the little toe to the kidney meridian.

According to Inna Segal in her book The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness, any dis-ease or imbalance you have in these meridians may result in:

Liver:  irrational frustration, aggression, rage, guilt, fear. Desire to inflict self-punishment and sabotage your progress. Constant inner struggle and conflict. Difficulty in making decisions. Often likes to find fault and blame others. Inclined to act like a victim, with a ‘poor me’ attitude. Overlooks other peoples’ advice and suggestions. Difficulty forgiving and letting go. Trouble sleeping, relaxing and trusting.

Spleen:  feeling helpless, disconnected from feminine energy, fearful, frozen, angry, frustrated. Overly sensitive and easily swayed. Constantly trying to find fault in others and to control or change them. Not wanting to face your own issues and participate in life fully. Continually worrying and stressing about others.

Stomach:  difficulty in digesting life and assimilating new information. Feeling stuck in a pattern of fear, limitation, worry, guilt and despair. Behaving in a superior, arrogant, controlling way; thinking that you are better than others. Or feeling inferior and second best. At times can be self-obsessed and demanding, wanting everything your own way. Difficulty in expressing yourself and dealing with rejection. Feeling attached and punched in the stomach.

Bladder:  feeling timid, wishy-washy, inefficient, annoyed, irritable, sad, and guilty. Sense of powerlessness and frustration. Feeling angry or pissed off with a partner or a person you are close to. Wanting to be somewhere else other than where you are. Holding on to worries from the past, which stop you from moving forward. Lack of boundaries. Needing your own space.

Gall Bladder:  experiencing resentment, grief about men, our male self or achievement in the world. Feeling irritated, depressed, indecisive, confused, angry, sad, wounded. Thinking of yourself as a failure, thus sabotaging any opportunity for success. Feeling second best, neglected, unimportant, a victim. Holding onto trauma and pain from the past which has created struggles, hardship and lack in your life.

Kidneys:  living with guilt, regret, resentment, blame, ancient sadness. Holding on to destructive beliefs and memories from the past. Suffering, with a limited short term memory, because all your attention is stuck in the past. Experiencing tiredness, depression, deadness, paralysing fear. Focusing on the negative aspects of life, unable to trust, difficulty in dealing with challenging situations. Crumbing under pressure. Giving up.

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