Sugilite – The Inner Child

Sugilite The Inner ChildSugilite, simple purpose is the Inner Child… The key principle that Sugilite holds is the anchoring of the spiritual mind into the physical allowing the realization of ones divine purpose.

Embrace of the inner child re-birthing the adventurous spirit ability to laugh and choose new paths in life.


Skull Crystal Grid

Skull Grid 1Saw this little guy in a shop window yesterday.




Just knew he had to come home with me.




Skull Crystal Grid 2

One minute he was empty…



Next minute!!!




Skull Crystal Grid

Black Obsidian (True Self Reflection)
Garnet (Manifestation of Purpose)
Carnelian (Creativity)
Tigers Eye (Personal Power in Action)
Rose Quartz (Forgiveness)
Aventurine (Unlimited Self)
Sodalite (New Vision)
Amethyst (Humility)
Clear Quartz (Light Embodied)