10 Second Ritual…

Focus on the goodIf you are feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, try this quick 10 Second Ritual to bring some peace and positivity back into your day:

Stand with your weight evenly on both feet, consciously feel your feet on the ground, then hold a bottle of Sage Smudge Spray high above your head and give it a couple of sprays… letting the droplets float down through your energetic body and onto your physical body… and breathe deeply the scent of the spray… it has an instant calming and grounding effect… and things seem so much better in the world again…

Peace and Positive Vibes this Christmas

Sage Smudge SprayGive the gift of Peace and Positive vibes this Christmas.

Sage Smudge Spray offers all the benefits of burning sage or incense to smudge but without the smoke.

This is a quick & easy alternative to traditional smoke smudging for people can’t tolerate smoke due to allergies or if it is not appropriate indoors.

Hand-made in Sacred Space with organic sage essential oil, vibrational essences of Black Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz, gem chips of Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian and charged with the transformational energy of St Germain and the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action – it works by changing vibrations. It transmutes negative energy into positive energy; darkness into light; Fear into Love in all its forms.

Great stocking filler at $21.95 per bottle (plus postage in Australia)